Star Wars Engagement Rings Will Take Your Marriage To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

My wife and I are still considered newlyweds since it has yet to be a year since we’ve been married. Now that I’ve seen these Star Wars engagement rings, I’m thinking about divorcing her just so we could tie the knot again with these awesome rings.

The Star Wars engagement rings are made of sterling silver, with the lady’s ring coming with the Imperial Cog and Death Star, while the man’s ring also has a Death Star, but the instead of an Imperial Cog, it comes with a Jedi symbol. I smell a disturbance in the couple that shows their allegiance to both the Galactic Empire and the Jedi Council.

What makes these rings even more amazing are the words that take center stage. It takes two classic lines between Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, with her ring saying, “I Love You,” and his saying, “I Know.”

The rings are currently available on Swank Metalsmithing’s Etsy page and costs from $400 and up, depending on what kind of rings and customizations you get.

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