Out of the four major wireless carriers in the U.S., the only one that currently doesn’t have the iPhone as part of its official smartphone library is T-Mobile, although rumors have been picking up in the last few months pointing towards the iPhone finally coming to T-Mo. Even though the iPhone has yet to officially land on T-Mobile, their CEO John Legere had some interesting numbers to share in regards to the iPhone.

During a Citi conference today, Legere shared his carrier is activating 100,000 new iPhones a month with a total of 1.9 million iPhone customers already hogging up T-Mobile’s network. Seeing as these numbers are based on T-Mobile customers who had to acquire an unlocked iPhone model, we assume that number will skyrocket once Apple and T-Mobile announce when the iPhone will officially be available.

Seeing as T-Mobile continually promotes its iPhone pricing plans are cheaper than other carriers by luring those with an unlocked iPhone to its service, that’s probably what helped spark the current rate of iPhone activations. Once again, we could only wonder what that number may jump to once Apple and T-Mobile make their official iPhone-availability announcement.

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