Vehicles in the US tend to come with extremely fuel-hungry engines, but it is a relief to hear (and see) that serious effort is being made to ensure that such reliance on fossil fuels are being reduced in the near future, with more and more electric-powered vehicles coming to the fore in addition to hybrids making their mark. Volkswagen, the auto manufacturer who has the ambition to top the sales charts worldwide, has chosen to launch their CrossBlue plug-in concept in the spiritual homeland of SUVs, which would be the US.

The Volkswagen CrossBlue comes with a front-mounted diesel engine that has been paired with an electric motor, in addition to having a second and more powerful electric motor in the rear to help drive those wheels in the back. Not only does this equate to all wheel drive, it also enables the ECU to either send power to or retrieve power from either motor in order to juice up the on-board battery pack. Touted to boast an estimated 85MPGe efficiency, and up to 14 miles on pure electric driving alone, we do hope that this concept sees the light of day eventually.

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