VW Electric Microbus And Crossover Will Be Built In The U.S.

Volkswagen has been pursuing an aggressive electric vehicle strategy elsewhere and it’s now turning its attention to another major market, the United States. The German auto giant has confirmed that it plans to manufacture its electric microbus and crossover SUV in the United States.

VW Electric Car Sharing Service Will Launch In 2019

Many major car manufacturers have launched car sharing services as the demand for such services continues to grow. Volkswagen will be throwing its hat in the ring as well with electric cars. The auto giant has confirmed that it’s going to launch a car sharing service next year called WE that’s only going to offer electric cars.

Apple To Work With Volkswagen On Self-Driving Cars

By now Apple’s interest in self-driving cars is pretty well-known, although exactly what Apple plans to do with the technology remains to be seen. Could it be that Apple wants to make their own self-driving cars? Or could it be that Apple wants to make the technology that powers self-driving cars?

The Iconic Volkswagen Beetle Will Be Coming To An End

Over the years we’ve seen companies like Ford and Chevrolet redesign and reinvent some of their classics like the Mustang and Impala respectively. However while the cars might have retained their names, their designs have evolved over the years where it isn’t quite as recognizable as it once was.


FCA, Volkswagen Offer 6-month Apple Music Trial To New Customers

Last time when cars were sold, they would come with a radio built into them and that was it. In the past customers would have to pay more to add a CD player, but these days a CD player is almost a given, but it looks like music streaming could be the way to go. So much so that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Volkswagen have partnered up with Apple […]

VW’s Latest Self-Driving Concept Car Has No Steering Wheel

It could eventually become common for cars to not have steering wheels but that depends on how quickly self-driving technology advances and how quickly all of the legal and regulatory hurdles are taken care of. Some major car manufacturers have already started creating concepts of cars that are fully autonomous and without steering wheels. Today, Volkswagen has revealed one such concept of its own.

Volkswagen To Install 2,800 EV Charging Stations Across US By 2019

Given how many gas stations there are in the US, it’s safe to say that finding one to stop at and refuel your car is probably not too difficult. However it is a different story when it comes to charging stations for electric cars in which there are quite as many, although the efforts we’re seeing from various companies is helping to improve that situation.

VW Will Launch ‘Affordable’ Electric Crossover In 2020

Gone are the days when all-electric cars used to be expensive. You can buy a new one from companies like GM and Tesla for under $40,000 and that’s before any state or federal tax incentives. It goes without saying that electric cars will only get more affordable down the road and you can count on German auto giant VW to offer you one as well. VW has said that it’s […]

Volkswagen Considering Making An Electric Version Of The Beetle

Putting aside the diesel scandal that Volkswagen was embroiled in in recent times, the company has put out some pretty good cars, although it’s safe to say that one of the company’s most iconic cars is the Beetle, which has seen some upgrades and given a more modern design since its inception.

Volkswagen Wants To Create 300 EV Models By 2030

Electric cars are the future simply because in terms of sustainability, they are better than regular gas-powered cars that consume fossil fuel, which is a finite source. Volkswagen knows this and in a report from Reuters, the carmaker has announced their plans to step up their EV efforts and are aiming to have at least 300 EV models by 2030.

Volkswagen Is Making Its Electric Microbus

The Volkswagen Microbus is undoubtedly an icon of the automotive industry. Its distinctive shape and character make it one of the most recognizable vehicles ever made. Decades after Volkswagen stopped making them, it’s going to enter production again. Volkswagen has confirmed that it’s bringing back the Microbus but the new version is going to be quite different from the original Microbus.

Volkswagen Arteon Can Help When Its Driver Passes Out

If there is an appeal to self-driving cars it is that it can eliminate some of the mistakes that human drivers make, which in turn can potentially lead to reduced traffic congestion and also less accidents. However until self-driving cars become mainstream and approved for commercialization, Volkswagen is already making some strides in the safety department.

Volkswagen Building 150kW+ Charging Network For Electric Cars In USA

Volkswagen opted for a court settlement with the California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency following the Diesel Gate scandal which revealed that the company was cheating on emissions tests for its diesel cars. Aside from providing compensation to affected owners and agreeing to invest $2 billion in electric car infrastructure in the United States, Volkswagen is going to build a “nationwide 150kW+ fast charging network” in […]

Volkswagen Unveils Its Concept Self-Driving Ride-Sharing Car ‘Sedric’

It is no secret that carmakers are looking into developing more self-driving vehicles, and it seems that over at Volkswagen, the company has recently taken the wraps off a concept vehicle they are calling “Sedric”, which is basically short of “self-driving car, that they envision as being a hybrid between car ownership and ride-sharing services.