Since the dawn of the jet age, there has been safety concerns in the airline industry, but today would be the safest period ever, so if you are scared of flying on a commercial jetliner, it would never have been safer. In fact, for folks living in the US, it has been exactly four years since the last fatal crash happened there, making it an unmatched record to date. Around the globe, 2012 marked the safest year since World War 2 ended in 1945, where 23 deadly accidents and 475 fatalities were recorded according to the Aviation Safety Network, which was less compared to under half the 1,147 deaths which happened in 42 crashes in the year 2000.

Do bear in mind that flying might be safer than ever, but it is not entirely risk-free. With air traffic set to grow in the next 10 years, airports will get more congested, and statistically speaking, it would also increase the number of near-misses on runways and taxiways, with the element of an accident risk going up as well. If there is a takeaway message from this story, do bear in mind that a traveler could fly every day for an average of 123,000 years before being involved in a fatal crash. Pretty good odds compared to driving, or even being a pedestrian, no?

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