These Modular Suitcases Could Be The Way We Travel In The Future

When it comes to traveling, most of us own luggages, and for the most part they’re pretty standard. Sure, some of us might own smart luggages with tags on them to track them in the event they’re lost, but if you’re looking for a new luggage system, you might be interested to learn that Bugaboo has launched the Boxer.

Pinpic Is The Uber For Photographers

Have you ever gone on holiday and brought a professional camera in hopes of landing some stunning travel photos, only to come back and realize that you would have been just as well off using your smartphone’s camera? If you have, you’re not alone, but in the future a service by the name of Pinpic could be the answer to that problem.

Rimowa Unveils Electronic Luggage Tag

When you’re traveling and you’re checking in luggage, they will attach a huge tag to your bag. This tag basically identifies your flight, meaning that your luggage should end up where you’re going (although sometimes it does go missing). These tags are a necessity, but also a waste of paper and not to mention additional work for airport staff.

Tourists To India Could Be Given Free SIM Cards

Last month we reported that in a bid to help boost their tourism industry, South Korea would begin giving out free smartphone rentals to tourists who apply for it on their tourism website. Given that communication is very important when traveling to new and and foreign destinations where you might not speak the language, this would be a huge convenience.


Lonely Planet Releases Free Guides For Mobile

So you’re thinking about visiting a new country? It can be a scary and overwhelming experience as you might not know where to go or what to do. However the good news is that if you’d rather rely on a curated list of places to see, eat at, and shop at, as opposed to relying on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Foursquare, you’re in luck.

This Travel Jacket Is Definitely More Than Meets The Eye

A jacket’s primary purpose is to keep you warm. It might come with a couple of pockets here and there to let you store stuff like your keys and wallet, but other than that it’s pretty standard. The only reason you might buy more jackets is maybe for fashion purposes if you want to switch up your look. However fashion brand BauBax has decided to reinvent the jacket by launching […]

Japan Has A Hotel Where Robots Are The Receptionists

We’re sure some of you guys have gone to a variety of hotels in your travels where you’ve probably run into different experiences with the receptionist. Some are friendly, some are rude, some are efficient, some are helpful, and etc. The experience is basically not particularly consistent. Enter the Henn na hotel (which apparently literally translates to “Weird Hotel”) in Japan where your experience should be consistent every single time, […]

Apple’s National Park Naming Scheme Boosts Tourism

The last version of OS X to be named after a member of the cat family was OS X Mountain Lion. Ever since then, Apple has opted to name OS X after locations around America, like OS X Mavericks which is a surf point in California. Then there was OS X Yosemite, and recently we were greeted with OS X El Capitan. Now as it turns out, it seems that […]

Mount Fuji Will Soon Have WiFi For Your Mountain Selfies

Mount Fuji is probably one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks. The mountain can be viewed from afar on a clear day and it is also one of the more popular mountains for hikers to trek up to. That being said, it seems that the Japanese government is hoping that the mountain’s beauty and existence will be spread more through social media. So much so that according to a report from […]

Hub By Premier Inn Could Be The Hotel Of The Future

Hotel rooms are pretty standard for the most part, although in recent times some are getting a bit more hi-tech by including more gadgets, and allowing guests to unlock their room doors using their smartphone or even their smartwatch. However it seems that the Hub by Premier Inn hotel will take things to the next level by allowing the guest to control their room using a wearable. Recently the folks […]

Free Hotel WiFi Becoming A Must-Have On Travelers’ Lists

We know that there are probably travelers out there who don’t prioritize the WiFi facilities of the hotel simply because they know they probably won’t be in the hotel long enough to really take advantage of it. However it seems that the more connected we get these days, the more important free hotel WiFi is becoming. This is according a report from The New York Times who has found that […]

Europe Will Scrap Roaming Charges Come June 2017

Given that the countries who fall under the EU banner share the continent and currency, it seems that what they don’t share is a standard telco rate. This means that if you were to travel within Europe, you could face roaming charges despite coming from one of the countries in Europe. It sounds ridiculous but we suppose it makes good business sense, but back in 2013, the EU Commission planned […]

ShelfPack Is A Suitcase With Built-In Shelves

So we have seen smart suitcases in the past where it comes with all sorts of fancy tech wizardry like Bluetooth, GPS, displays, speakers, built-in weighing scale, and more. Pretty elaborate but at the end of the day, it’s really just a suitcase that upon reaching your destination, it will most likely end up being chucked into a corner and forgotten about until you leave. Well if you’re more about […]

Space Case 1 Is A Smart Suitcase For Your Travels

Smart suitcases aren’t exactly new. We have seen some efforts in the past, and just a couple of months ago Samsung and Samsonite teamed up to create a line of smart suitcases as well, so basically there are plenty of options that one can choose from. However if you’re looking for more options, perhaps the Space Case 1 might be of interest to you. The Space Case 1 is another […]