Apple has several campuses places around the US, but it seems that the company could be planning on expanding on some of them, or to be more specific, the company’s campus located in Northwest Austin. According to a report from Culture Map, it appears that Apple is apparently looking at introducing a 192-room hotel in its Austin campus.

Now before you get too excited at the prospect of staying in an Apple hotel, it seems that this hotel is more about providing a place for employees to stay if they were to travel to the Austin campus from another location. The hotel, which currently does not have a brand, will span 75,500 feet and will be six stories tall.

Apple had initially filed plans for the campus back in 2018, but those plans then did not include a hotel until more recently, the updated plans were approved in April last month. As it stands, none of Apple’s campuses have hotels built into them, so this would be a first. Like we said, chances are the hotel will be used to house employees who fly or drive in for work or training purposes.

It’s interesting that the company has chosen to put a hotel in its Austin campus instead of its headquarters, but who knows, perhaps that could change in the future.

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