Apple is a company known for zealously guarding its secrets, and unsurprisingly so because every time the iPhone or iPad is launched, it’s usually a big deal, at least until recently when leaked components revealed the actual device. In any case Apple has also been known for keeping mum regarding rumors, usually avoiding commenting on them but it seems that under the guidance of Tim Cook, perhaps Apple’s PR is starting to become a bit more open. A report by the WSJ has recently revealed that Apple’s PR department has started to get a bit more proactive, sending out more press releases in the past month than they have in the previous months.

At the same time, Apple communications staff have recently sent reporters more favorable third-party reports about the company, including a study predicting that by 2014, Apple will be as accepted in the enterprise as Microsoft is today. Apple, and indeed virtually all its competitors, send reporters favorable studies from time to time. But the five reports Apple has sent since the start of the year, mostly related to mobile market share, represent more than recent months.

The report also suggests that the reason Apple’s PR is starting to open up more these days is because they realize that competition is heating up (or has already heated up, depending on how you look at it) and that perhaps keeping mum most of the time isn’t really the way to go. We’re not sure what this could mean, but it’s interesting to see Apple start to change things up a bit.

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