Apple ‘Deeply Apologizes’ For Slowing Down Old iPhones

You may have read a conspiracy theory online in the past year that Apple intentionally slows down old iPhones to get people to buy its latest smartphones. The company later confirmed that it does slow down iPhones that have naturally degraded batteries but it’s not for the nefarious reason that conspiracy theorists believe. The company has apologized for it previously and in a new interview Apple CEO Tim Cook says […]

Tim Cook’s Coffee Logic Doesn’t Make The iPhone X Feel Expensive

We’re all in agreement that $1000 is a lot of money. For that price you can get two decent mid-range smartphones, a Mac, a variety of Windows-powered notebooks to choose from, iPads, and more. Or you could spend $1000 on the base model of the iPhone X. By no stretch of the imagination is the iPhone X not an expensive smartphone but Apple CEO Tim Cook’s logic doesn’t make it […]

Apple’s Angela Ahrendts Rubbishes Rumors Of Replacing Tim Cook As CEO

The current Apple CEO Tim Cook has been holding the top job at Apple ever since Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs decided to step down. He was previously serving as the company’s chief operating officer under Steve Jobs. Recent rumors claimed that Apple’s retail boss Angela Ahrendts had been picked to succeed Tim Cook as CEO whenever he decided to exit. Ahrendts has set the record straight by rubbishing […]

Tim Cook Says Mac Mini Is An ‘Important Part’ Of Apple’s Lineup

Nobody is going to hold a grudge against you if you forgot about the Mac mini. Apple hasn’t updated this product in over three years but it seems that the company isn’t pulling the plug on the Mac mini just yet. In response to a query about the Mac mini’s future, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it remains an “important part” of Apple’s product lineup.


Uber’s CEO Got An Earful From Apple CEO For Tracking iPhone Users

An interesting meeting between Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Apple CEO Tim Cook that took place back in 2015 has been described in a new report by The New York Times. Cook apparently called Kalanick for a one-on-one after the company found out that Uber had found a secret way to track individual iPhones even once the ride-sharing service’s app was removed from the phone. He was predictable unhappy about […]

Trump Says Tim Cook Has ‘Eyes Open’ To Start Producing iPhones In The U.S.

President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his preference to see Apple start producing iPhones in the United States and he has been vocal about it. Apple’s entire production setup for the iPhone exists in China and it’s not just that, the majority of its suppliers are based in Asia so it’s going to be easier said than done. In an interview with Axios, the president-elect said that he spoke with […]

Tim Cook Pay Cut As Apple Misses Performance Targets

CEOs of big companies often have their remuneration tied to the company’s performance. This gives them more incentive to work hard and push the company to meet its goals so that they can earn more money, it’s a simple formula but it has proven to be quite effective. Apple CEO Tim Cook has a similar arrangement with the Cupertino company and a recent regulatory filing shows that Tim Cook’s pay […]

Bill Gates And Tim Cook Were Considered As Potential VPs For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has already picked her running mate for the upcoming presidential election but if supposedly leaked emails from her campaign manager John Podesta are believed, she may have considered putting two notable figures from the tech industry on the ticket. Recently leaked emails reveal that Microsoft co-founder and ex-CEO Bill Gates as well as current Apple CEO Tim Cook were both considered as potential vice president nominees.

Barbra Streisand Called Tim Cook To Get Siri To Say Her Name Properly

Barbra Streisand is a legend in her own right. You and I might not be the kind of people to get Apple CEO Tim Cook on the phone but she certainly is. In an interview with NPR, Streisand talked about the distress that Siri caused her as she wasn’t pronouncing her name correctly. So Streisand did what most of us can not do if Siri pronounces our name incorrectly, she […]

Apple Building R&D Center In China

China is one of the most lucrative markets on the planet and Apple knows that. Over the past few years, we have seen the company steadily increase its presence in the People’s Republic and a new report says that the company wants to pour even more money into the country. Apple is going to build its first Asia-Pacific research and development center in China.

Tim Cook: Apple Is Only ‘Exploring’ Cars

There has been a lot of speculation about Apple’s car plans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even said that it’s an open secret that Apple is working on an electric car. The company itself hasn’t addressed these reports as yet but CEO Tim Cook has dropped an indication now which could mean that we might have to wait for a considerably long time before we get to see an Apple […]

Tim Cook’s Account Banning Trolls On Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook was at the Levi’s Stadium for the Super Bowl and soon after the Broncos won he posted a very blurry photo to Twitter. Naturally, the trolls were out in full force, so he got viciously trolled for posting a blurry picture. Some even suggested that he dump his iPhone for a Samsung to take better pictures. The PR machine seems to be active now as that […]

Tim Cook Posts Blurry Super Bowl Pic, Gets Trolled

There’s no doubt about the fact that the iPhone has one of the best cameras that you can find on a mobile device. Apple has focused on the iPhone’s imaging prowess for years and will certainly continue to do so in the years to come. Perhaps that’s why it’s understandable to see Tim Cook get viciously trolled online when he posts a blurry picture taken after the iPhone right after […]

Tim Cook: Apple Store Racism Incident ‘Unacceptable’

About a week ago a video went viral online showing a group of young black students who were subjected to racism by an Apple Store employee at Highpoint in Melbourne, Australia. The employee can be seen in the video telling the young men that security is “”just a bit worried you might steal something,” and upon their protest they’re sternly told by the employee to leave the premises. Apple CEO […]