Nobody is going to hold a grudge against you if you forgot about the Mac mini. Apple hasn’t updated this product in over three years but it seems that the company isn’t pulling the plug on the Mac mini just yet. In response to a query about the Mac mini’s future, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that it remains an “important part” of Apple’s product lineup.

Tim Cook was asked over email by if there’s anything in the pipeline as far as the Mac mini is concerned. Cook’s response doesn’t suggest that there’s a new one in the pipeline, but what it does reveal is that the Mac mini will probably not get the axe anytime soon.

Cook said in his reply that “while it is not the time to share any details,” the company does plan for the Mac mini to be an “important part” of its product line going forward. This does give us some hope that the Mac mini will eventually receive an update.

Just how long that’s going to take remains to be seen, though. There haven’t been any rumors about a new Mac mini recently so it may be a while before a new one is launched. When we start hearing rumors about one, it will be a good indication that perhaps a new Mac mini is just around the corner.

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