We’re all in agreement that $1000 is a lot of money. For that price you can get two decent mid-range smartphones, a Mac, a variety of Windows-powered notebooks to choose from, iPads, and more. Or you could spend $1000 on the base model of the iPhone X. By no stretch of the imagination is the iPhone X not an expensive smartphone but Apple CEO Tim Cook’s logic doesn’t make it seem expensive at all.

The iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone that Apple has ever sold with the price starting at $999. Apple doesn’t think that the price is going to deter buyers from picking one up.

According to Cook, you’ll spend less on an iPhone X with a monthly payment plan than you’d probably do for “a coffee a day at one of those expensive coffee places.”

Cook’s logic does make sense. The iPhone X costs $56 per month on Apple’s upgrade program and that’s about $2 per day. You can easily spend double that on a coffee or iced drink. Going by this logic, the iPhone X could cost $2,000 and people could still afford it because $4 is around what they’ll pay for coffee at one of those places.

That doesn’t change the fact that customers are paying a huge amount of money for a smartphone. It also doesn’t take into account the fact that there aren’t a lot of people who would agree to pay $1,000 for two years’ worth of coffee.

Apple isn’t the only company selling a $1000 smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is close to that mark as well and if things keep on going this year, it may not be long before $1000+ smartphones become the new normal.

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