Someone call Mr. Fantastic, it seems that the magical cosmic rays that gave Reed Richards the ability to stretch his body to insane lengths, making Gumby look like a fool at the same time, has been replicated by a bunch of researchers who are busy looking into alternative battery technology. These brilliant minds managed to develop a new kind of battery which is said to be able to be stretched up to three times its normal size, and while being in that particular state, can still maintain its power.

Study findings which were published in Nature Communications tout that the innovative flat batteries were dotted with “islands” which will in turn stash away energy on a stretchable polymer. Of course, this stretchable battery is by no means a finished and polished product since it is still a work in progress, but it could prove to be a potential and decisive breakthrough to power medical and flexible electronic devices.

John Rogers from the University of Illinois, said, “Batteries are particularly challenging because, unlike electronics, it’s difficult to scale down their dimensions without significantly reducing performance. The most important applications will be those that involve devices integrated with the outside of the body, on the skin, for health, wellness and performance monitoring.”

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