Have you ever wondered if someday will be possible to have a gaming laptop that does not have a massive brick as a power adapter? Well, we have very good news for you.

That’s because Infineon Technologies and Chicony Power Technology are teaming up for something pretty cool: they’re using gallium nitride (GaN) to make power adapters better, promising that they will be able to work not only faster but also waste less energy — and, as a huge plus, even become more compact in size.

Chicony Power’s new PD3.1 notebook adapters are getting a boost from Infineon’s CoolGaN and CoolMOS tech, making them strong and efficient by managing how they use the energy usually lost when converting power.

Chicony for PD3.1 Adapter (Image: Infineon)

Powering Up with USB-C

The new adapters can give more power (up to 240 watts) compared to the old ones (that only managed 100 watts). This extra power is perfect for heavy-duty laptops like gaming ones, and the adapters can work with lots of different devices, which is pretty handy.

Infineon knows a lot about GaN, and Chicony Power knows a lot about power systems so together, they’ve made adapters that use GaN and other smart materials to work better and save energy — which is good news since we all need to start worrying about being kinder to the planet.

Joining forces to change how power adapters work with the employment of GaN technology is a very smart move to make them super efficient, smaller, and better for our world. Hopefully, this technology will start being adopted by other big tech companies, and we will all be able to benefit from it soon.

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