French solid-state battery manufacturer ITEN has received recognition as a CES 2024 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for its 250μA.h micro-battery, noted for its contributions to Sustainability, Eco-Design, and Smart Energy.

The CES Innovation Awards program, evaluating over 3000 submissions, acknowledges exceptional design and engineering across various consumer technology categories. ITEN, controlling the entire value chain from material synthesis to packaging and testing, specializes in solid-state SMD micro-batteries.

ITEN’s micro-batteries have been granted a Best of Innovation Award at CES 2024, in the category Sustainability, eco-design and smart energy.

Their award-winning micro-battery, with dimensions of #4.5 x 3.2 mm, distinguishes itself with quick recharge capability (80% in 8 minutes) and a high C-Rate of over 100, crucial for low-power IoT applications. These batteries reduce the size and capacity of batteries used in IoT solutions, thus minimizing the carbon footprint.

Additionally, they comply with environmental standards (ROHS and REACH) and contain no toxic materials or heavy metals, aligning with eco-friendly electronic system designs recommended by the European Directive for the elimination of non-rechargeable batteries by 2030.

Fabien Gaben, Chairman of the board and founder of I-TEN, expressed excitement about the award, stating, “This recognizes our disruptive solid-state batteries as main contributors to sustainability, eco-design, and smart energy solutions.”

The CES 2024 Innovation Awards honorees can be explored on, with further details expected in January during CES Unveiled. For Information, ITEN will be present

  • At CES Unveiled on January 8th, booth EP-628,  Mandalay Bay Convention Center
  • At CES booth n° 60711 – Techwest – Venetian expo hall G – Eureka Park.

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