Carrie Underwood’s Projection Dress

Celebrities tend to be on the cutting edge of fashion as well, and at the recently concluded 55th Grammy Awards, the beautiful Carrie Underwood graced the stage during her performance of “Blown Away” and “Two Black Cadillacs” by wearing a unique “projection dress”, which is a bespoke platinum colored satin gown from Theia. This unique dress enabled a series of animated images to be projected upon it, as though she was wearing a projection screen all the way.

Definitely a different animal from the now oh-so-usual illuminated gown, Carrie Underwood’s spectacular gown showed the world how a basically simple idea can be executed flawlessly, helping enhance what could very well be a drab performance, not that I am taking anything away from her performance over at the Grammies. Unfortunately, there is a very big drawback to such a dress, as Underwood remained anchored to a segment of the stage, hence greatly limiting her movement. Interesting piece of haute couture, but will it catch on? Just how much would you fork out for something like this?

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