Since Sony has already laid out their cards where the next generation console is concerned with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 (which is far from being released just yet, though), you can more or less say that the rest of the industry and onlookers alike have turned their sights on Microsoft, and see what the Big M intends to do with their follow up to the relatively successful Xbox 360, which is about to come to the end of its life cycle. So far, we do know that Xbox Gold domain registrations have sparked plenty of speculation concerning the Durango name for its next generation Xbox, especially after Microsoft picked up more or less every possible version of that it could find, and perhaps, even think of.

“Xbox Gold” does seem to point more towards “Xbox Live Gold”, so the connection between that and Durango is not quite complete, and it can also be seen to be a defensive measure against scam websites as well as other folks who have malicious intentions. Still, it would be nice to know just what Microsoft is going to call its next generation Xbox, you know, so that no more speculation is required.

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