Ask any Back to the Future fan what product they would want from any of the films, and the first response you’re most likely to hear is a time machine made out of a DeLorean. The second response your bound to receive is a hoverboard. The Mattel Hoverboard is a fine hoverboard if you’re a beginner, but for those of us who have somehow been practicing for years, we want a real hoverboard. We want Griff’s hoverboard.

Griff’s hoverboard, which if you recall was called “Pit Bull” and even growled when Griff stepped onto it, was featured in Back to the Future Part II and was probably the most badass looking hoverboard we’ve ever seen. Lucky for us, the hoverboard has made its way to eBay.

eBay seller cinemastuff818 has Griff’s original prototype hoverboard for sale for only $12,995. The hoverboard comes with authentic minor dents and paint scratches, although it’s missing its rear foot pad. This particular hoverboard wasn’t used on camera, but cinemastuff818 assures this was the original prototype for the hoverboard that was featured on-screen.

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