We’ve covered Back To The Future quite a bit here at Ubergizmo since we know, just like us, you’re all probably big fans of the films, TV shows and delicious cereal. We’ve seen hoverboards, sneakers and a LEGO set inspired by Back to the Future. But have you ever seen a DeLorean hovercraft? You have?! Well, let’s make believe you didn’t so the rest of the class could enjoy this video.

A few days ago, YouTube user Terry Barentsen happened to be in the right place at the right time as a hovercraft made to look like a DeLorean was seen driving around. Since it didn’t reach 88 miles-per-hour, it wasn’t able to travel through time, but we’re sure Doc Brown would still be proud of this creation, even though this thing doesn’t move quite as well as the real DeLorean, or even the hoverboard.

We’re not sure what exactly is going on with California as a RC Superman was spotted there just a few weeks ago. We’re just happy there are people around to record these bizarre instances so they can spread through the Internet life wildfire.

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