Whenever we hear the words Portable Drums, we think of the traditional drum kit with its stand and heavy drum-sets  Kevin Depape (seen on Yanko Design) goes one step further into the world of electronic drum sets. He introduces a portable yet very high tech drum kit called the Y-Drum portable drums. These drums are designed to be for everyone, starting from beginners to folks with good drumming skills. In fact just about anyone who wants to have more fun with percussion drumming should be able to enjoy the Y-Drum portable drum – at least, that’s the idea.

In theory, you simply build your own set with the pads available in the kit virtually anywhere you feel like drumming. Or for a conventional setup, follow the instructions included in the box pack (if it was an actual product). Also included in the case is a charger and cordless headphones. Hook up your favorite computer or smartphone that needs to have the Roland’s application installed on it and connect via Bluetooth to the Y-Drum kit (the main “box”), which is itself connected to the laptop via USB. This functionality is quite handy as you do not have to deal with wires getting in your way while playing. Simply start playing your favorite drum tunes and say good bye to air drumming.  At this point, this is just a concept, but would you like it to become a product? How would you use it?

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