If we did not know any better, looking at the screenshots of Real Racing 3 one would assume that the game belongs on the console. However if you have played its previous iterations, you know that the Real Racing franchise is actually a mobile game for both iOS and Android devices. The good news is that if you have been eagerly waiting for Real Racing 3, you might be pleased to learn that the game is now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Even better news is that the game is free, unlike its previous two versions which were paid apps.

Unfortunately the free app means that the game has essentially adopted the freemium model. For those unfamiliar, the freemium model basically makes games free of charge, but its developers make money by selling in-game items that help the player advance. Ultimately this could cost the player more money than they would have spent had they bought the game at full price. As far as Real Racing 3 is concerned, the freemium model takes the form of wait times during repairs, upgrades, and vehicle unlocks, all of which can be sped up by purchasing gold coins. Personally I am not a fan of the freemium model, but to each their own, right? [iTunes App Store] [Google Play]

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