It was sometime last week when the whole world was shocked as a 10-ton meteor actually bore down on Russia, and injured nearly 1,000 people in its fallout upon landing – or rather, crashing into Russian territory. Having said that, you can also say that fans of South Korean sensation Psy will have a piece or two to counter that. Basically, the Russian meteor has broken new records on YouTube as well as DailyMotion, where collectively, all eyewitness meteor videos uploaded to both online video services have picked up over 130 million views throughout the weekend – at least, according to social analysis service Visible Measures.

This is the highest rate of viral growth ever recorded where an online video event is concerned. Visible Measures have identified over 400 videos which were uploaded since last Friday, and some 160 of them have already passed the 100,000 views mark. The winner is far out in front at 26.7 million views and counting, but it still has a long way to go before being able to smell the 1 billion views mark of Gangnam Style.

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