Patents tend to be collected by companies in order to build up their “war chest”, so to speak, as you can never quite tell just when you might have to call upon those patents to help you win a lawsuit sometime down the road. Well, Samsung has recently applied for a rather snazzy patent that depicts a portable music player (does anyone make these dedicated devices any more with the advent of multi-tasking smartphones?) which will feature keys as well as motion detectors that enable it to work as a “musical instrument” of sorts.

In a nutshell, whenever you are tuning in to your favorite tunes, you can also opt to play alongside by pressing the keys located on the side of the device, similar to how you were fingering a guitar’s fretboard. This allows you to change position on the “guitar neck” simply by moving the player back and forth, while there is also a motion detector on the side that is capable of sensing your fingers. Of course, something like this will remain on paper until Samsung decides to actually roll out a physical device capable of such feats. Will that happen anytime soon? Not too likely in our books.

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