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Sony Xperia Z Manual Available

So, you have been in two minds as to whether you would want to pick up the Sony Xperia Z or not. Well, I know that not all reading material is worth going through, and manuals themselves tend to make for extremely dry reading material, which is why the Sony Xperia Z user manual that has appeared online should appeal only to an extremely small segment of the tech community.

The Sony Xperia Z smartphone, which will be a somewhat pseudo-rugged model considering how it is dust-proof and water resistant, has already made an appearance in select markets, although we do expect to see the Sony Xperia Z “explode” across different countries from tomorrow onwards. Folks who want to know more about the Sony Xperia Z inside out can always check out the user guide, which comes in both C6602 (HSPA+) and C6603 (LTE) flavors, weighing in at 131 virtual pages. Of course, the English manual should be the most popular model, but for those who want a different language to check up on the Sony Xperia Z, you can give this link a go.

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