If you’re a data-hungry mobile user, you’ll know just how precious an unlimited plan can be, that is, if you were lucky enough to have such a plan before some of the US carriers decided to introduce tiered data plans. There are some mobile users out there that can’t live with a normal data plan due to their above-average use, which is why AT&T is introducing a number of new data plans that may or may not entice you.

AT&T will begin rolling out new data options on March 22 giving its subscribers an allowance of 30GB, 40GB and 50GB per month. The pricing for these new data options will cost AT&T customers $300 a month for 30GB, $400 for 40GB or $500 for 50GB with a $15 per gigabyte fee if users go over their allotted amount.

In addition to these new data plans, AT&T is also announcing new Mobile Share – Data plans that will strip the unlimited talk and text portions of normal Mobile Share plans, and instead offer purely data to be shared across devices. The data plan offerings will range from 4GB to 50GB plans, costing between $30 to $335 per month. AT&T’s data-only plans are only available to tablets, laptops and other connected hardware.

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