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ESPN Considering Subsidizing Mobile Data Plans To Help You Stream Its Content
As advanced as our smartphones are these days, they’re also severely limited if you happen to have a wireless carrier that offers tiered data plans, instead of offering an unlimited data plan. One of the activities many mobile consumers keep an eye on is their video streaming services as watching something on YouTube or Netflix could certainly cost them to go over their allotted monthly data. ESPN is looking into […]

AT&T Introduces New Data Plans Starting At $300 Per Month
If you’re a data-hungry mobile user, you’ll know just how precious an unlimited plan can be, that is, if you were lucky enough to have such a plan before some of the US carriers decided to introduce tiered data plans. There are some mobile users out there that can’t live with a normal data plan due to their above-average use, which is why AT&T is introducing a number of new […]

Amazon's $49 data plan is a one-year-only deal
Thought that the optional $49 4G data plan for a year that Amazon announced with the Kindle Fire HD was tood good to be true? You’re not the only one. An interested Kindle owner called up Amazon and asked what happens when the first year is over. He shared his results with ZDNet, and it sounds like Kindle Fire owners are going to get a nasty rate increase after a […]

Verizon 4G LTE to offer double the data for the same price
Verizon subscribers will be happy to know that come 8th of November 2011, Verizon will be offering a pretty sweet deal for the LTE subscribers, whereby they will double the amount of data they give you, meaning that if you were to subscribe to the 2GB a month plan, they will instead offer you 4GB at the same price. This is applicable to both new and current customers who are […]


New Verizon data plans in a simple chart form
When it comes to numbers and figures, you can’t really go wrong by stating them down clearly and in plain fashion in a chart. After all, that is a whole lot more effective than poring through a gaggle of words, trying to piece it together graphically in your mind. That’s what Verizon Wireless has done with their new range of data plans, which was leaked from the official training document […]

AT&T might offer a shared data plan
With many mobile devices these days sporting mobile data connectivity, it makes perfect sense for users to be more prudent with the kind of plans they sign up for with mobile carriers. After all, it isn’t exactly the best of times at the moment, hence anything that would help you stretch your dollar would go some way in keeping that smile on your face (and device connected to the Internet). […]