The folks over at Microsoft have just upgraded Bing Maps, this time around throwing a whole lot more images than hopefully you will have time to go through, and there is no word on just how large the update file’s size is this time around, although it will comprise of a whopping 13,799,276 square kilometers of high resolution satellite shots. Those who are wondering what lurks beneath the ocean too, will be able to enjoy a far more intimate view of the ocean floor.

The all new “straight down” photos will provide the base map with a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, and when Microsoft decided to throw in bathymetric imagery that changes the ocean’s hue depending on its depth, you have got quite the looker here for curious eyes and minds. The Bing Maps update will not have that many clouds too, so that you can see more of the earth instead of waking up your craving for cotton candy. Bing Maps is proud to cover the whole of the US, in addition to 90% of Western Europe, thanks to images shot from aircraft. [Press Release]

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