bioshock-editionBioshock Infinite is definitely a piece of hardware that is looked forward to by many tomorrow, thanks to world-acclaimed studio Irrational Games releasing said title, so it makes perfect sense to usher in such an occasion with something out of the ordinary, being pulled out of the rabbit’s hat, so to speak. Irrational Games has partnered with Sony to create a specially crafted audio experience that is exclusive to PlayStation, where a new audio mode for the PULSE-Elite Edition Headset was specially designed just for BioShock Infinite. Of course, does this mean gamers will have to fork out even more money for such an event? Actually, the answer is a resounding “No!”, where it will be free.

The custom audio mode was mooted by Irrational Games to elevate the dark world of BioShock Infinite to a totally new level, delivering a richer gameplay experience along the way, resulting in a sound profile which allows players to feel gunshots as well as explosions in a far more dynamic and powerful manner. Are your ears tingling yet?

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