Eye tracking technology seems set to be on the way to being the new rage piece in the tech jigsaw puzzle soon, especially when we hear that future versions of the Galaxy S4 will get eye tracking technology, while the LG Optimus G Pro has it, and here we are with the NUIA eyeCharm kit from 4tiitoo that intends to lower the overall cost of ownership for eye-tracking sensors, as they will sell the vital components as an add-on for Microsoft’s Kinect sensor.

Right now, the eyeCharm is a Kickstarter project that relies on the generosity as well as faith of the masses to get the job done, where this plug-and-play device, should it manage to roll out of production lines, will be able to snap onto just about any Kinect (Xbox 360 or Windows, it does not matter), introducing eye-tracking controls in less than 10 minutes. The eyeCharm kit functions this way – it sends out a beam of infrared light at a user’s face, where the infrared cameras will then capture a person’s eye movements, translating those movements into relevant instructions that a machine can understand. Couch potatoes would definitely love this.

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