Hashtags has not been part of Facebook culture for the longest time, but it seems that the social networking giant is set to change their stance and viewpoint on hashtags. This is one feature that Twitter users absolutely love, where it was first used by users of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), who added a the “#” character in order to link posts. Twitter users jumped on the hashtag bandwagon approximately half a dozen years back, so much so that there was enough volume of users to see hashtags.org born in order to promote and curate the tags.

Not only that, Twitter added hyperlinks to hashtags in 2009, making sure that each click would result in a search which listed all the tweets that used the tag. Marketers have also made attempts to seed their own hashtags, and since then the humble hashtag has grown into a potent research tool, too. Facebook might have been bitten by the green eyed monster somewhat, and informed the Wall Street Journal that they too, want to adopt hashtags. The thing is, we have absolutely no idea on when this will happen, and what do you think Twitter’s response will be? #meh

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