Last week it was announced that Facebook would be announcing an update (or improvement) of its News Feed design, but have you ever wondered how Facebook came up with the idea? Well according to a post by Facebook (source link below), it seems that the social networking giant has gone a bit old school in coming up with its design, and it was by utilizing Post-It notes on a wall, categorizing posts into updates from friends, funny posts, photos and etc. Looking at an excerpt from the blog post:

We came up with the idea of multiple feeds, each with its own focus on a particular topic, type of content, or type of friend. It was a good start, but crucial questions remained: which feeds to offer, and which stories to put into them?

I gave each participant a stack of recent stories from their feed, printed out on paper, and asked them to pick out the ones that interested them and discard the rest. Next, I asked them to sort the remaining, interesting stories by putting them into piles separated by what they liked about each. An analysis of participants’ piles and the stories they’d put into them yielded clear themes.

In any case if you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes and how ideas are developed, you should check out the post in the source link below. As it stands Facebook’s new News Feed will be rolled out slowly and overtime, so don’t worry if you haven’t received the updated look yet. However if you’re too impatient, you can sign yourself up on their waiting list over here.

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