They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what about the social network giant knonw as Facebook? It seems that Facebook is none too pleased to offer apps that are capable of accessing Facebook’s platform, especially when these apps tend to carry somewhat similar features that are available over on Facebook itself. The latest “victim”, if you can call it that, would be MessageMe, which is a full-featured messaging app which was just launched last week, where it actually peaked at 2nd place on Apple’s App Store for its app category.

I guess with the closeness in “functional resemblance” to Facebook’s own Messenger app, Facebook has suffered from a case of sour grapes, and has taken the draconian move to remove MessageMe’s “Find Friends” feature. In this way, users of MessageMe cannot look for their Facebook friends over MessageMe, as no results would pop up on the iOS version of the app, sporting the error message, “The operation couldn’t be completed.” Bummer!

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