Fujitsu – a name that many would have been able to identify with fingerprint scanners in notebooks as well as ATM kiosks, is now back with yet another kind of technology that ought to leave you amazed. It is said that the Japanese company has come up with a new kind of technology which is capable of detecting a person’s pulse through the measurement of variations in the brightness of the person’s face, and this is because of the school of thought that a person’s face’s “brightness” level is due to the flow of blood.


This will be based on the characteristic of hemoglobin in blood, which in turns can absorb green light. Fujitsu’s solution will not need any kind of special hardware, where it is capable of measuring the pulse rate through the simple act of pointing a camera at a person’s face, taking a mere five seconds to do so. Not only that, it will be able to pick the right moment whenever one’s body and face are relatively still in order to minimize the effects of irrelevant data on measurements. Can you say health monitoring, maintenance and security applications for this new-fangled technology?

Update: A reader has alerted us that Fujitsu used MIT’s open source algorithms, so credit to MIT and the kind of work that brains there produce where it matter.

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