gta-v-boxartI am quite sure by now that there has been way too much buzz surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, that fans of the franchise, as well as those who have yet to give a single title in the hugely successful game franchise a go in the past and are willing to do so soon, cannot but wait impatiently for a release. After being treated to screenshots of GTA V which treated fans to different views of Los Santos, it seems that the box art of the game itself is being unveiled in a mural right smack in New York City itself.

The mural, as you can see above, is not fully up just yet, albeit it is partially available, but you can already see the GTA V logo clearly. Not only that, said mural seems to follow a similar multi-paned layout that can be found in previous GTA games’ box art. Originally, the box art was planned for a January release, but I guess plans do change from time to time, and if the game is superb because of changes made that caused a delay, I am all for it. How about you?

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