A pair of headphones is something that you tend to buy off the shelf without giving too much thought into the purchase decision, not unless you will have to fork out a handsome amount of money for it, so it would not be too awkward to see someone else on the same train wearing the same pair of headphones as you. Definitely not the fashion faux pas on the level where two divas attend the same ball wearing the same haute couture dress. Myth Labs has something for those who love to be unique though, where their service includes letting you personalize your headphones to make sure no two are alike out there.

Myth Labs headphones have been said to be customized to fit individual lifestyles and music collections, thanks to the clever implementation of patent-pending sonic signature technology, that enables everyone to discover their unique sonic match. Myth Labs headphones are modular, which means you get to fiddle with interchangeable headbands and speakers, allowing you to easily upgrade or change the style or sound experience of your headphones. Go on, get personal with a pair from Myth Labs. [Press Release]

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