While retro looking gadgets or fashion items seem to be the rage these days, unfortunately old school gadgets and electronics tend to be either broken, or are not able to perform as well as their modern counterpart. However if you are looking for a set of speakers that looks vintage but can perform like a modern day speaker does, then the Kendall Bluetooth speaker by Furni could be what you are looking for, assuming that you are willing to spend $188 on it, of course. As you can see in the image above, the Kendall speaker looks like a radio set back in the day and is made with a solid walnut casing, but underneath that vintage exterior lies 2×5 watt class “D” amplifiers, 2” full range speakers and a 1,000mAh battery that Furni claims should last a good four hours on a single charge. As its name implies, the Kendall speaker will also feature Bluetooth connectivity so you will be able to pair your smartphone, tablet or even laptop with it while on the go. So, any takers?

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