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Bluetooth’s Direction Feature Will Make Locating Missing Items Easier
Using Bluetooth to track items isn’t new and it’s a pretty simple concept. We’ve seen it used in tracking devices like Trackr where when you move in/out of range, it will alert you so that you know if your bag is being stolen or if you’re close to finding your keys that are buried deep between your couch cushions.

Windows 10 Will Soon Allow Effortless Bluetooth Pairing
Windows 10 users will soon be able to effortlessly connect Bluetooth devices with their PCs courtesy of a new feature that Microsoft has started testing for its operating system. The feature allows users to start pairing and connecting supported devices with a single click. This will thus streamline pairing and connecting to certain Bluetooth devices when they’re in range of the Windows 10-powered PC.

Manufacturers Can Now Incorporate Bluetooth 5 Into Their Devices
For a while now, the Bluetooth standard that has been used in our electronic devices is that of Bluetooth 4.x. However the good news is that moving forward, there’s a good chance that we can start to expect more manufacturers to adopt Bluetooth 5 because the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially adopted the platform.

This Beacon Lets You Know When To Give Your Train Seat Up
It is common knowledge and common courtesy that when you see someone who is handicapped, old, pregnant, or with kids that you should give up your seat on the bus or train to them. However sometimes in a crowded train, the person that needs a seat might not even go noticed, which is why over in South Korea they have come up with an interesting solution.


Apple Looks Into iPhone SE Bluetooth Audio Quality Issues
So, you are pretty happy with the thought of picking up the recently announced iPhone SE? Well, you might want to consider twice and wait for Apple to look into complaints concerning the poor Bluetooth audio quality that is part and parcel of the iPhone SE. Based on the number of complaints that have been posted at Apple’s support communities website, the iPhone SE’s Bluetooth audio quality is far from […]

Acaia Pearl Bluetooth Coffee Scale Tracks Your Brewing Prowess
Drinking coffee can be considered to be an art form by many, although there are some of us out there who are more than happy to just drop in two dollops of cream and some sugar into their black coffee to kick start one’s day. Others would invest in thousands of dollars on a coffee machine, it all boils down to your personal preference, really. Here is a $150 Acaia […]

Sony Xperia Ear Puts An AI Assistant In Your Ear
Sony announced that they would be at MWC and we had to admit that given the lack of rumors regarding the Sony Xperia Z6, what could the company announce? We learnt earlier today that one of Sony’s announcements would be the “Smart Ear” accessory, and sure enough Sony did not disappoint.

Sony “Smart Ear” Wireless Earbud Leaked
Back in 2014, Motorola launched the Moto Hint wireless Bluetooth earbuds. What made the Hint different from other Bluetooth earpieces was the fact that it was a relatively discreet device. Instead of sticking out of your ear like we have seen from other Bluetooth headsets, it was a tiny earbud that did not stick out like sore thumb.

Master Lock Delivers Bluetooth Smart Padlocks
[CES 2016] It looks like even padlocks themselves are not spared from jumping aboard the “smart” bandwagon, as Master Lock has proved with their latest Bluetooth smart padlocks that will merge security expertise alongside mobile technology, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a key. If you are not the kind to remember the combination for the lock on your locker, or keep on losing keys to a particular lock time […]

Bluetooth Gets Much Faster With More Range Next Year
The Bluetooth 4.0 standard brought a few major changes for this technology back when the overhaul arrived in 2010, that helped increase Bluetooth’s popularity and enabled solutions that were previously not possible. Bluetooth is now due for another update and the next one, expected in 2016, is going to bring more speed and range to a technology that can certainly use both of those advantages.

Logitech Reveals New Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse
Multi-tasking is no longer a buzzword that you throw around in order to look as though you are in the know – we are expected to be multi-taskers these days, and not to be that can be considered anathema in the working world. Well, in order to do so, the kind of tools that we use too, would have to be able to keep up with the times. Logitech knows […]

New Tile Bluetooth Tracker Announced, Will Be Available Via T-Mobile
A couple of years ago, a tiny Bluetooth dongle called Tile was launched. The idea of Tile is for it to act as a tracker, allowing you to clip it onto anything like a bag, your wallet, onto your kids, onto keys, onto pets, and more, thus allowing you to keep track of things and be notified when it is out of range or missing.It’s a pretty simple device but […]

New Moto Hint Earbuds Finally Go On Sale
Some of you guys might recall that back in July, we reported that thanks to what looked like leaked retail packaging, a new Moto Hint Bluetooth earbud appeared to be in the works. For those wondering when they might be able to get their hands on it, wonder no more as Motorola has officially begun selling the headset.As expected from what we learnt about the headset in the leak, the […]

KFC Memories Bucket Is A Delicious Idea
There are good ideas, bad ideas, and downright great ones. The thing is, you can never really quite tell just which particular one is going to take off – at least, not until you try it. Those who love chicken might be in for a real treat, assuming this latest idea from the world famous KFC would turn out to be true. The KFC Tray Typer was a pretty hilarious […]

Google Reveals 'Eddystone' An Open-Source Low Energy Bluetooth beacon
Google has unveiled its latest open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard, named as Eddystone. With this new standard, developers will be allowed an easy access to corresponding factors and exact locations, and all this will also be of great help to the users in various ways.

LG Bluetooth Headset Hits 10 Million Mark...And Counting
Milestones such as birthdays are meant to be celebrated – and done so on a wide scale, too. Having said that, when it comes to hardware, there are also milestones that can be achieved, such as a number of devices sold within the shortest time possible, or crossing a really high mark that is impressive for a device in its class. LG Electronics of South Korea has just announced that […]

Samsung Level U Bluetooth Headset Revealed
Bluetooth headsets are dime a dozen, but this does not mean that the industry should not innovate. Far from it, in fact. Samsung Electronics has decided to take another step forward in this market by announcing their brand new Samsung Level U Bluetooth headset. This will see the Level headset family expand even more, where it will make use of the latest Samsung technology, delivering best-in-class sound with crystal-clear call […]

Unknown LG Handset Spotted Under Bluetooth Certification
Forget about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) – we shall take a look at an unidentified smartphone for the moment, or perhaps at least a couple of those. LG looks as though they have prepared one handset under the smartphone banner that is set to roll out some time later in the third quarter as well as fourth quarter of the year. One of them have already been seen at the […]

Blunt + Tile XS Umbrella Ensures You Will Never Lose It Again
Umbrellas are probably one of the most commonly misplaced items simply because some of us just aren’t used to carrying one, which means that when you bring it out with you, it’s easy to forget that it’s there and you walk out of a restaurant completely forgetting about it. The good news is that if you’re after an umbrella you’ll never forget again, then the Blunt + Tile XS umbrella […]

Huawei Talkband N1 BT Headset
The Talkband N1 is Huawei’s headset/Mp3 player for those who won’t want to exercise with their phones on them. There are countless bluetooth “sports” headsets on the market today, and many boast a great battery life, a water and shock-proof body, but ultimately, you still have to carry your phone (or a music player) which may not be waterproof nor shockproof…