SimCity was released for a while already, and the game has gained its fair share of followers, although there were some snafus that cropped up – mainly the issue of it not being able to play in offline mode. Well, hopefully all of that is water under the bridge by now, and EA has kept to their word by rolling out the SimCity traffic congestion fix from Maxis as part of the Update 1.7 for the game. In the traffic improvements introduced, traffic congestion has been tuned, in addition to fixing some intersection traffic issues, while Emergency Vehicles will now drive in empty lanes just like in real life, now how about that?

After reading all of that, don’t you wish that one is able to knock on the doors of a higher power, asking for a new patch that will help out the entire earth? All right, perhaps that might be asking for too much, but maybe the Life 1.7 update could very well solve the daily traffic woes that one has to go through during the morning commute to the office, no? I guess this is one of those times where art does not imitate life.

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