kaventsmann-triggerfish-watchWatches are considered to be a fashion accessory, and there are watches that have been designed merely for show, and watches that have been designed to withstand drops, water immersions and more. While Casio’s G-Shock line of watches are pretty impressive in terms of durability, we’re thinking it might have a hard time holding its own against the Triggerfish Bronze A2 by German designer, Kaventsmann Uhren.

While the watch looks pretty unassuming, it has been put through some pretty rigorous testing, such as being tested at pressures up to 300 bar, as well as being detonated with C-4 explosives. The result? The watch itself appears to be bomb proof, or bomb resistant at the very least, and apart from losing its strap and getting a couple of scratches, it continued ticking away after being detonated. Pretty impressive!

The internals of the watch include a shock-resistant phosphor bronze casing, a stainless steel back and a 10mm domed polycarbonate crystal. It is pretty thick and somewhat hefty but we guess that’s the price one would have to pay for such a watch. We’re not sure who would need a bomb resistant watch especially since when a bomb goes off near you, we’re sure the last thing on your mind is if your watch is alright. The Triggerfish Bronze A2 has been limited to 30 units and according to Uhren, they have all been reserved.

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