Tumblr has been gaining in popularity over the past couple of months as they recently improved their iOS and Android applications to support tablets. Today, the company is announcing its popularity has reached an impressive set of milestones.

Tumblr has reached the over 100 million blog milestone and has also reached 44.6 billion posts throughout its entire service. Considering they announced it had 50 million blogs on April 2012, that’s some significant growth. Just how many of these blogs and posts are related to Lonely Virgil are yet to be seen, but we’re sure a good majority of them are.

Tumblr was originally founded back in 2007, so to see the service take off like it is six years later is remarkable as you would think in a world where Twitter and Facebook exist, a service like Tumblr wouldn’t do quite as well. But one thing Tumblr does so well is allowing its users to voice anything and everything they want to say while still keeping their anonymity, if they so choose to keep it. Sure – you can be anonymous on Twitter, but its 140 character limit certainly impedes on the normal person’s ability to go on long-winded rants, which is just perfect for the Tumblr audience.

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