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YouTube Serves One Billion Users Monthly

youtube one billion users

It’s completely undeniable the go-to video streaming service to watch cat videos, people making fools of themselves and Russian dash cam footage is YouTube. It seems everyone around the world visits the site on a regular basis, and today, YouTube is announcing it has reached a remarkable milestone of serving one billion monthly users.

Now – that number isn’t just a couple of million people going to YouTube on a regular basis. The one billion monthly users are completely unique visits, meaning on a monthly basis, there are one billion people viewing a YouTube video.

YouTube runs down what that translates to, which we also found to be some amazing statistics:

It seems nowadays it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without being met with a YouTube video. They’re shared across social media networks, on blogs and even passed around the dinner table on mobile devices. And one billion unique people being served a month is a truly remarkable feat.

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