light-speakers-3d3D printing is still a novelty, and it is definitely far from the finished commercial idea that it could very well be. However, this does not mean that there is no hope whatsoever for 3D printing to move beyond the realm of just hobbyists, and here we are with this particularly unique way of taking advantage of 3D printing, thanks to an Autodesk engineer who is known as Evan Atherton, where he has access to a 3D printer that is far more capable (and of course, expensive) 3D printer compared to what the general masses are able to own – which is the Objet Connex 500.

As part of a design exercise, he decided to roll out this unique set of 3D printed speakers that come complete with LumiGeek-powered LEDs, now how about that for class? Of course, this is just a conceptual idea that has been brought to life, and you can be sure that it is not going to be cheap considering how this 3D printed light speakers require $2,000 worth of printed material, in addition to nearly 60 hours worth of man and machine time required to create it.

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