Last week I reported that Apple had pulled AppGratis from the App Store. It was a very popular app discovery app for iOS devices though Apple believed that it violated two rules of the App Store, so they pulled it. AppGratis, which is a company based in France, believes that it doesn’t violate any rules and that the app should be listed back up on the store. They’ve now started a petition through which their users are showing their support and hope to have the removal reverted.

AppGratis has over 12 million users around the world, company’s claim, out of which some 631,552 have sent e-mails of support for the petition as of this writing. Despite that, one can not say that Apple will be pressurized by such a petition. Developers are told that they shouldn’t “run to the press and trash Apple,” and the company might not relist an app that it believes to be in violation of its guidelines. With regards to the petition, AppGratis CEO Simon Dalat says that it is just a medium for their users to cast a vote of confidence in their favor. Apple has no issued no official comment on this situation as yet.

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