Apple has filed for a new patent today. The technology described in the patent is interesting to say the least, and it could make for a very good feature in any future iOS firmware update. Basically the idea is to allow quick access to selected apps straight from the lockscreen. Android already allows users such liberty through lockscreen widgets, this could very well be Apple’s answer. Rotating the slide to unlock slider upwards will provide access to the selected apps in one or more rows, without ever having to unlock the iPhone.

Though this might sound cool and logical for Apple to do considering Android provides lockscreen widgets, the thing with patents is that one can never be really too sure if the technology is ever going to be implemented. Apple files dozens of patents each year, outlining impressive technologies. Most don’t see the light of day. It is more of an act on their part to cover all of their bases. Nevertheless, being able to have access to vital apps straight from the lockscreen of an iPhone would definitely be pretty cool.

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