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Apple Might Have To End Up Paying VirnetX $1 Billion In Damages
By now, most of you might have heard of Apple’s legal battle against VirnetX over patents that the latter claims that Apple had infringed upon. Given that the total payout to VirnetX would have totalled over $1 billion, it’s not surprising that Apple is trying their very best to avoid paying the company that amount.

Fujifilm Patents A Touch Sensitive Top LCD Panel For Its Cameras
When Fujifilm launched the X-H1 mirrorless camera, it was one of the few Fujifilm cameras that came with a top LCD display. This kind of display can be found on DSLR cameras from the likes of Canon and Nikon, but rarely on Fujifilm cameras. However, it seems that now that Fujifilm has implemented it, they could be looking at ways to improve on it.

Apple May Be Working To Improve Quality Of Underwater Photos
There are also sorts of theories about Apple’s upcoming iPhones, including enhanced water resistance for the handset. A new Apple patent has surfaced which suggests that the company is working on a new camera which would improve the quality of underwater photos taken using an iPhone. The patent doesn’t just list improvements for a standard camera used to take underwater shots, it highlights some advanced methods to ensure that the […]

Ford Has A Method To Get Rid Of That 'New Car Smell'
The “new car smell” is a novelty for many of us since we don’t buy new cars all that often. It’s a smell that many new car owners cherish for a long time before it gradually fades away. It turns out that Ford has filed a patent for a method which would get rid of this smell from new cars. It has done this because the new car smell is […]


Possible Huawei Gaming Smartwatch Patented
It has been a while since Huawei launched a new smartwatch and one of the company’s recent patents is anything to go by, the company might be mulling a gaming smartwatch. Huawei has already released a few smartwatches over the past few years so it wouldn’t be surprising if it came out with a new one. However, the shift to a gaming-focused smartwatch will certainly be an interesting one.

Vivo's Popup Selfie Camera Concept Was Already Patented By Essential
Vivo showed off a concept device at the Mobile World Congress 2018 last month called the Vivo Apex. The device has a bezel-less display in the true sense of the world and since the display panel covers the entire front, its solution for the front-facing camera involved a motorized popup mechanism that takes 0.8 seconds to bring up the selfie camera. It turns out that this idea was already patented […]

Facebook Patent Might Be Able To Tell Your Socioeconomic Status
Salary can be a rather sensitive topic which is why people usually do not publicly disclose their salaries unless during an interview or when applying for a loan. However it seems that in the future you might not even need to disclose your income because Facebook will be able to figure it out on their own.

Amazon Patents Mirror That Dresses You Virtually
Shopping for clothes online can be difficult if you worry too much about how the item is going to look on you and whether it’s even going to fit your frame. At times like these, you just want there to be a way that you can try the item without having to order it first and then go through the hassle of returning it if you don’t like it. Amazon […]

Apple Patent Hints At Potential Plans For Smart Clothing
Right now a lot of the tech we use are external devices, like phones and tablets, but with smartwatches, we’re starting to see a shift towards creating smarter products that some of us are already used to wearing on a daily basis, like a watch for example. We’re also seeing how companies like Google are trying to take it to the next level through smart clothing.

Apple Possibly Looking Into Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring Functionality
Apple might be working on expanding its health-related features. A new patent application has been discovered which suggests that the company has been looking into automatic blood pressure monitoring functionality. The patent details that an alert would be triggered by parameters that the user has set or by data that has been collected by wearable sensors on devices like the Apple Watch.

BlackBerry Smartwatch No Longer Seems Like A Myth
BlackBerry hasn’t had much luck with hardware over the past decade. The smartphones that it made itself didn’t sell as well as it might have hoped. The company only made one tablet and that flopped as well. We never go to see any wearable devices from the company so while a BlackBerry smartwatch might have seemed like a myth at one point, it appears to be a genuine possibility now.

Walmart Patents A Floating Blimp Warehouse
Amazon isn’t the only retailer that’s looking into drone delivery. Walmart appears to be working on a similar concept but its solution might be a bit different compared to Amazon’s. Walmart has filed for a US patent for a floating blimp warehouse which will make delivers via drones. The idea is to have a floating warehouse up in the sky from where Walmart can instantly ship products to customers using […]

Nokia And Apple’s Patent Dispute Comes To An End
Towards the end of 2016, Nokia filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in which they claimed that Apple had infringed upon 32 patents that belonged to them. However it looks like whatever beef either company had with each other is gone because the dispute has come to an end with a new licensing agreement.

US Appeals Court Reverses Patent Troll’s Win Over Apple
Huge companies such as Apple are often the target of patent trolls. This is because many of these trolls are hoping that these companies wouldn’t mind shelling out some money just to settle the case and get it out of the way, as opposed to taking it to court and having it drag out forever.

Apple Has Patented A Vape
It appears that Apple has patented a vape or something quite similar. A patent application filed by the company has been published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Apple originally filed for this patent last year and it details a vaporizer technology that can regulate temperature to release heat from a substance inside a canister. That sounds a lot like how vapes work.

New Gear VR Might Include Face And Eye Tracking
Samsung’s Gear VR headset is a relatively cheap virtual reality headset but given that you need a compatible Samsung flagship to use it, you don’t really save that much money. Samsung was able to keep the headset itself at $99 because it doesn’t have some of the features like proper VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive do, features like face tracking and eye tracking, but that might change […]

Nintendo Patents Hint At More Potential Unannounced Switch Features
Right now not much is known about the Nintendo Switch save for what it looks like. It has been speculated that console could have touchscreen functionality and a remote that will function similarly to the Wii Remote. We also know that Nintendo wants to make it a single-screen experience, but beyond that it’s really anyone’s guess.

Apple Loses FaceTime Lawsuit, Ordered To Pay $302.4 Million In Damages
Apple has been fighting a patent infringement lawsuit with VirnetX Holding Corp. which claims that the company’s FaceTime feature infringes on its patents related to secure communications. A jury has found Apple guilty of infringing on VirnetX’s patents and has ordered it to pay the company $302.4 million in damages. This case is now going to go to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington […]

Microsoft Surface Phone May Feature Unique Fingerprint Scanner
Rumors suggest that Microsoft is going to phase out the Lumia brand of smartphones and introduce its own Surface-branded phone. We have been hearing about this for a very long time now and while the company is yet to confirm the Surface Phone, a new patent has been discovered which suggests that the Surface Phone might have a unique fingerprint scanner.

Future iPhones May Have A 360-Degree Wraparound Curved Display
A new patent has been granted to Apple which details a device that has a wraparound curved display and a transparent housing. Drawings in the patent imagine a device with a display that completely wraps around it, covering the front, rear, and the sides with very slim bezels at the top and bottom. Don’t be surprised to see the 30-pin connector in this image as this patent was filed back […]