Fallout_3_logo610Are you looking forward to playing Fallout 4 possibly this year? If you are, there is a good chance that Bethesda could be announcing the game sometime later this year, possibly at E3. This was hinted at by the studio’s vice president, Pete Hines, who revealed that the publisher was planning on making more noise this year. Hines stated that games such as Elder Scrolls Online and the Dishonored DLC have already been revealed, meaning that the studio will be announcing “new stuff” and that it will be worthy enough for gamers to sit up and take notice.

While he did not explicitly state that Fallout 4 is on the list, many are speculating that it might be that simply because the game is due for an announcement, not to mention that the voice actor for Fallout 3’s Three Dog hinted at the game on his Twitter account, claiming that he was given permission to do so. Assuming that is the case, fans of the Fallout series will definitely have something to look forward to.

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