skyrim-tunesWe know that there are gamers out there who might not be able to afford to buy brand new games, or don’t see the point when they’ll probably run through it in a couple of days/weeks. What this means is that there is a market for second hand games which is great for consumers, but at the same time it is understandable that some developers aren’t too pleased about it. Bethesda is one of those studios who has expressed their concern over used games, stating that it is “absolutely” a concern in an interview with Destructoid.

To make owning brand new games more desirable, or at least to prevent gamers from reselling their discs, Bethesda’s vice president of marketing, Pete Hines, has stated that Bethesda has made efforts to stem such practices by offering DLCs and tools to help take the game beyond its initial offering. Hines admits that there does not appear to be a single solution available and that he understands that being a videogamer is expensive.

The issue over second hand games has resurfaced again, especially after rumors about Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox that could prevent the playing of second hand games, ultimately forcing gamers to buy new ones. What do you guys think? Will constant streams of DLCs be enough to keep gamers interested in holding onto their games?

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