130329_CRIME_IndieCopsCatfishing.jpg.CROP.article568-largeOne of the ways for bands and musicians to interact with fans and to let them know where their next concert is, or when their next album is coming out, would be through social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. However it also seems that that is where the Boston police are hanging out in order to catch punk rock bands who might be performing illegally at house parties. According to the Slate, it seems that the Boston police are posing undercover on social media websites. This was suspected when St. Louis band, Spelling Bee, posted a screenshot (above) of emails from a user called Joe Sly that they believed was an undercover police prior to a sting operation before their Boston show.

CNET has emailed the Boston Police Department to try and ascertain if that was indeed one of their officers undercover. As it stands, police relying on social media to keep an eye on crime is nothing new and there have tons of examples where criminals have been caught due to their postings on social media websites, although we guess this might be a wake-up call for bands and musicians who think that just because they aren’t posting about stealing or doing drugs that the cops aren’t keeping an eye on them!

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