Detroit Electric SP:01 Is One Mean Electric Sports Car

detroit-electric-sp01The Tesla Roadster can be said to be a dream car for many a Greenpeace activist, although for all intents and purposes, a hybrid like the Toyota Prius would be a far better bet. Well, perhaps it is time to see that the electric sports car market is maturing, especially when you see yet another competitor hit the scene after the Tesla’s Roadster production drew to a close at the end of 2011. Detroit Electric has just announced a different Lotus-based sports car which is capable of hitting 0–60mph in a matter of just 3.7 seconds.

The Detroit Electric’s pride and joy would be the SP:01, where in order to achieve such speed within the shortest period of time possible, it comes with a custom carbon fiber body as well as a $135,000 price tag. Headed by former Lotus Engineering Group CEO Albert Lam, this could very well be the reason why Lotus’s Exige does seem to be the SP:01’s starting point. Production of the SP:01 production will begin this August with a limited run of 999 cars.

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