It has become an open secret that Apple is working on EV technology and that in the not-so-distant future, the company could actually debut their own electric car. Now according to a report from Bloomberg, additional details about the rumored vehicle have surfaced and they are kind of wild.

According to the report, Apple is apparently aiming for complete autonomous driving, so much so that they are so confident in their tech that they are designing a car without a steering wheel or driver pedals. This means that users will have no manual control over the car and are expected to let it take them wherever they need to go.

This is pretty insane because for the most part, a lot of self-driving cars still feature steering wheels and pedals in case the driver needs to take over in the event of an emergency. The removal of these key features suggests that Apple is supremely confident about their car’s ability to self-navigate.

Call us skeptical, but self-driving tech still feels like there’s a long way to go. Companies like Tesla already have cars on the road which feature almost similar types of technology, but even then there have been reports of accidents now and then. The report also goes on to suggest that Apple plans on launching their car in 2025, although whether or not they will remains to be seen, and more importantly, whether or not roads, laws, and regulations for such vehicles would have caught up by then.

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