17204_10151336899995868_118416007_nWe’re sure that many of you guys receive invitations from “friends” on your Facebook list from time to time. Usually these invites are to events which you probably aren’t too interested in, and while it’s not a big deal to ignore them, being spammed by them can be pretty annoying. However it seems that Facebook might be doing something to curb on the spamming, and according to social media expert, Mari Smith, she has discovered that Facebook has started to restrict the number of invitations one can send out when creating an event.

According to Smith, it seems that Facebook has limited invites to 100 being sent out at a time, and only after a 100 has been sent out are users allowed to send out more invites. There is a caveat which is that users are only allowed to have 300 pending invites at a time, meaning that basically the max invites anyone is allowed to have at any time is 300. We can imagine this will be sort of good news to Facebook users who are plagued by invites from “friends” who seems to have just sent out mass invitations to everyone on their Facebook list, and at the same time encourage event creators to truly decide who they want attending their event.

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